Endless. Seamless. No Compromises with AFH Belts by AFH Production

The Fabric

The basis for our products is unique endless fabric – depending on the requirements, made of polyester, Nomex or Kevlar yarns© (aramid fibres). The traditional endless weaving technique enables AFH Production to produce high-quality fabrics free of seams, glued joints or welded connections.

As a result, AFH Productions can create entirely homogeneous surfaces with no hardening or thickening. Production will automatically run more smoothly, while the usual wear and tear and the inevitable fatigue of the connection joints are prevented. Thanks to this innovative process, our products withstand extreme tensile stresses and have a higher level of durability.

The Coating

The coating of our belts is applied in a special endless procedure that guarantees an endless product without welded or glued joints. Our manufacturer coats the belts with PVC, silicone or TPU according to the individual requirements. Our coating materials are available in hardnesses of 35 to 90 Shore A. In addition, we offer belts in versions with antistatic and non-stick effects.