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In Use Worldwide – Driving flat belts by AFH-Antriebstechnik

Driving flat belts are put to use today in various different areas. For example, in the rolling mill and mechanical engineering industry in which it is a matter of transmitting large forces reliably across flat drive belts. We are able to additionally offer endless and connectionless driving flat belts for this area that are used by our customers worldwide thanks to our unique production process.

Our customers

Cable industry

  • Low voltage
  • Medium voltage
  • High voltage
  • Optical Fibre Cables
  • Telecommunication
  • Special Cables

Wire industry

Plastic extrusion industry

  • Tubes
  • Hoses
  • Profiles

Steel processing industry

  • Sheet steel (cold-rolled)
  • Sheet steel coils

Paper and cardboard tube industry

  • Spiral tubes
  • Composite cans

Plastic film industry

Abrasive industry

Leather industry

Mechanical engineering industry