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Endless, connectionless, uncompromising – haul-off belts by AFH-Antriebstechnik

Special haul-off belts for so-called caterpillar machines have applications mainly in the cable, wire, pipe, profile and plastic extrusion industry and today are one of the core products of our company. Within each of the production processes these haul-off belts in particular are responsible for the smooth transport of the haul-off goods.

Rapid progress in machine engineering increasingly makes the use of truly endless and connectionless belts necessary, because only such a homogenous product can withstand the ever stronger tensile and pressing forces, increasing speeds and enormous developments in temperature.

Thus, it is no surprise that customers throughout the world place their faith in belts from AFH-Antriebstechnik.

Scope of application:

Haul off of cables, tubes, wires, ropes and profiles.


Customised selection of the type of fabric and quality. All fabrics are produced endless and connectionless using a special manufacturing process.

Type of fabric: Polyester

Quality 1250 (tensile loading up to 190 kg per cm belt-width)

Quality 2000 (tensile loading up to 250 kg per cm belt-width)

Type of fabric: Aramid (Kevlar©)

Quality 5000 (tensile loading up to 500 kg per cm belt-width)

The fabric quality can be individually adjusted for higher demands.


  • Endless and connectionless
  • Customised manufacture
  • No breaking points
  • Homogeneous running behaviour
  • Very high flexibility
  • Low elongation
  • Suitable for small roller diameter
  • No thickening or adhesive points
  • High heat resistance
  • Non-directional


Application-based selection of the coating material. An innovative coating process, without the use of additional binding agent, guarantees a homogeneous and connectionless coating.

Coating: PVC

  • Hardness grade 35-90 Shore-A available
  • Customised additional constructions
  • Infinite combination options of various Shore hardness values
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent grip properties
  • Suitable for small roller diameter
  • Temperature resistance -10°C / + 80°C
  • Homogenous coating throughout
  • No thickening or adhesive points → No breaking points
  • Non-directional
  • High flexibility
  • Resistant against most oils, greases and acids

Coating: Silicone-rubber

  • Hardness grade 50 + 70 Shore-A available
  • High heat resistance + 220°C
  • Non-stick effect
  • Homogenous coating throughout
  • No thickening or adhesive points → No breaking points
  • Non-directional


Customised milled areas and profiles on the pulley
and cable sides

Profiles: Pulley side

  • Poly-V-Profil “J“, pitch 2.34
  • Poly-V-Profil “L“, pitch 4.76
  • Poly-V-Profil “M“, pitch 9.52
  • V-5-V / V-7-V
  • Taper gibs
  • additional profiles on reques

Profiles: Cable side

  • all half-round profiles on request
  • V grooves: 90°, 100°, 110°, 116°, 120°, 136°, 150°
  • additional profiles on request