Our aspiration: To always be one step ahead

In a unique process we combine a traditional endless weaving technique with innovative coatings to form outstanding products. Thus, we are able to offer belt solutions which are tailor-made to suit the individual customer’s needs and which are not simply guaranteed to be endless but are connectionless too.

At all times it has been our aspiration to not only keep up with the ever-increasing demands over the course of time but to also be consistently one step ahead of them. The constant development and optimisation of our products is therefore just as much a natural part of our daily work as striving for the greatest possible level of customer satisfaction.


Haul-Off Belts

Haul-Off of cables, pipes,
wires, ropes und profiles


Processing Belts

Application within the metal industry to spool rolled metals or sheets metals onto so-called coils


Winding Belts

Winding of paper-
and cardboard sleeves


Timing Belts

Control of linear movements, synchronous conveyors and drive systems


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