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The Fabric

The basis of our products is formed by a unique endless fabric which we manufacture from Polyester, Nomex or Kevlar yarn© (Aramid fibre), depending on the requirements in each case. It is this traditional endless weaving technique that enables us to produce high-quality fabric without a single seam, adhesive or welded joint. In this way, absolutely homogeneous surfaces without hardening or thickening can be produced which not only guarantee an extremely smooth belt drive but also prevent normal wear and the inevitable fatigue of joints – very simply because these typical breaking points do not exist in our strips.

This not only means that our belts can withstand even extreme tensile loading, but they also have an extremely long lifetime.

The Coating

As the coating of our belts is carried out using a special endless process, we can guarantee that our product is endless and in one single piece without a single weld or adhesive connection. During this, we coat the belts, entirely according to your individual needs, with PVC or silicone, our coating materials being available in Shore hardness values of 35 – 90 Shore A. We are also able to offer belts in antistatic and non-adhesive versions (non-stick effect).